Dear Members of the Vibrant Class of '64! Fall 2019

Our 55th reunion was a spirited and reflective time to enjoy friends and the beautiful campus. Many thanks to all those who made it happen and especially to our reunion chair, Heather Tyrie Wilcauskus, and class officers headed up by our president, 2014-2019, Ellen Manfredonia Nutter. Proudly, our class distinguished itself by winning several significant awards which are prominent on our class website for your perusal. Our Green Purse initiative has succeeded in funding three summer internships for current students, and that number will grow.

At our class meeting on Sunday morning, two important decisions were made by those assembled. Most important to each of you is that it was voted to discontinue collecting class dues. Thanks to the prudent management of our treasury by our longtime treasurer, Diane Kelley Fenton, we have sufficient funds to take us to our 65th reunion at which point our treasury will be dissolved with any remaining funds going into the Alumnae Association Fund that will support expenses our class encounters including communications and reunions going forward. Frequently, classes continue to collect dues until their 60th reunion, but our cash position has allowed us to stop dues five years sooner. Our thanks go to Diane and to all those class members who have faithfully paid dues over the years.

The second vote at the meeting was to allow electronic voting by class members on all issues except the voting of class officers which will continue to be done at our reunion class meeting by hand/voice vote.

Communication among us is key to the strength of our class. Anita Corman Weinblatt, our VP, is the web site co-ordinator. The site contains recent news (truly recent!) regarding classmates lives, pictures of gatherings, memorial tributes and an expansion of what is included in our class notes in the "Quarterly". Anita works closely with our class scribes, Priscilla Morse Huston and Jean Vnenchak who want to hear from you at scribe64@mtholyoke.edu.

If you move or change your email address, please be sure to let the college know either by calling the Alumnae Association at 413-538-2300 or going to the website www.directory/alumnae/mtholyoke.edu to change your profile in the alumnae directory. You can also control use of your email on that page.

Please remember to let Mary Vic Giersch (mvgiersch@gmail.com), who manages the repository of our class memorials, and scribe64.com know stories or remembrances of classmates who have passed on.

Class gatherings, large and small, are key to our enjoying each other. Since reunion, there have been several in New York, on the Cape, and many other places including on the Baltic Sea! I hope that we will continue to have and share word about many more of these.

We are an active and supportive group of women who should all take pride in our camaraderie and in the fine institution which brought us together.

Best wishes for a healthy and happy year to come, and please be in touch.

Betsy Wadt Mulcare
President, Class of 1964

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