Class Letters 2014 (May) to 2019



Dear Classmates,

The weather in South Hadley was glorious, and 61 classmates and their guests had a wonderful time catching up with each other and exploring the campus. We had lunch with our Bridges class of 2014, and heard from two fascinating speakers at Saturday dinner, both MHC Semester in DC interns. At our beautiful Memorial Service in the 1904 Garden, classmates placed a pink rose in a vase on the sundial for those whom we have lost in the past 5 years.

Our class won many awards, including:

  • Pegasus Award for raising the most total dollars for the MH Fund in the past 5 years ($219,000)
  • Lion Award for the highest total giving to all funds in the previous 4 years, plus reunion year ($3+ million)
  • Alumnae Association Achievement Awards to Susan Koch and Mary Lee Warren
  • Alumnae Association Medal of Honor to Patricia Altman Falkenberg
  • Alumnae Association Loyalty awards to Diane Kelley Fenton, Priscilla Morse Huston, and Ellen Manfredonia Nutter

At our class meeting, we elected new officers, who will take office July 1, 2019:

  • President - Betsy Wadt Mulcare
  • Reunion Chair - Mary Ann Lytle Anthony
  • Vice President - Anita Corman Weinblatt
  • Secretary - Deborah Newcomb Nightingale
  • Treasurer - Diane Kelley Fenton
  • Class Scribes - Priscilla Morse Huston and Jean Vnenchak
  • Bridges - Mary Lee Warren
  • Head Class Agents - Nancy Albrecht August, Mary Lyon Society; Mary Victor Jones Giersch, Nancy Chambers Goff, Gretchen Wuth Hays, Gail Simons Humphreys, Wendy Lycan Jackson, Barbara Flesch Resnek, Carol Nagy Theodore
  • Nominating Committee - Gretchen Beck Green, Gail Welch Hanson, Marilyn Brainard Hofmann

Thank you for having me as your class president, and especially thank you to all the officers who made it possible. I have really enjoyed the chance to better know more of you. You are a great group!


Ellen Manfredonia Nutter, Class President, 2014-2019


February, 2018


Dear Classmates,

Spring is coming! I hope you are all thawing out after what has been a hard fall and winter for many. The daffodils above are from my street here in Asheville NC, and they were such a welcome sight!

I am delighted to be able to bring you news of our very active class.

55th Reunion - May 24-26, 2019. SAVE THE DATE!

Our 50th was so much fun, in part because so many of us attended. The 55th will not be the same without you! Reunion chair, Heather Tyrie Wilcauskas, has already started planning and is looking for a few good helpers. Contact her at or 843-785-4668. Working with the planners makes reunion twice the fun.

Happy 75th!

Most of us have had a 75th birthday this year (how did that happen?) Several people have already written to our scribes with news of how they celebrated. We have learned of lunches and special events, including an inspiring trip made by Barbara Neumann Babb, Anne Jordan Fretz and Hope Whitaker Justman. They walked the Camino Santiago de Compostela from Porto, Portugal to Santiago - 160 miles in 13 days! See Recent News at for details.

Our scribes Priscilla Huston and Jean Vnenchak and webmistress Anita Weinblatt would love to include your reflections on the 75th in the Quarterly and on the website. See below for information on how to contact them.

The Graceful Exit

Mona Marich Hanford has been an advocate for end of life care for over twenty years. When her husband Bill was ill, she cared for him at home for eight years. Now, after his death, she has written a book, The Graceful Exit: 10 Things you Need to Know.

Mona discusses how, as the population has aged and medical knowledge has advanced, more people are finding themselves with unprecedented choices as life nears its end. At what point is it reasonable to opt out of sophisticated life-prolonging measures? Why would one do that? And what would the end then look like?

Now facing her own serious diagnosis, and informed by her faith in God, Mona provides us with a clear-eyed vision of how to approach the end of life with grace and love. Her book is now available on Congratulations, Mona. We are so proud to have you in our class!

The Green Purse is Now Funded!

The 1964 Green Purse Legacy Circle fund was formed last year to create a 1964 endowment supporting student internships through bequests to the College. Our class agents are delighted to announce that the endowment has been funded and there will be a Class of 1964 intern during the summer of 2018. Our challenge now is to increase Green Purse participation, with the goal of announcing 55 classmates members at our reunion in 2019. Join in and be ready to sign a congratulations card for our new intern. Look for more information on this spring.

Sad News

I am so sorry to report the loss of a number of classmates in the past year. Please see for tributes to:

  • Suzanne (Suzy) Brown Butters, late January, 2018 (tribute being developed)
  • Carole Striker Hart, January 5, 2018
  • Jeanie Kinney Small, April 25, 2017
  • Susan Schuck Hirst, May 6, 2017
  • Margaret (Meg) Cormeny O’Brien, May 19, 2017
  • Susan Betzer Hellerman, October 23, 2017

We have also lost Bob Goff, who passed away on February 1, 2018. Husband of Nancy Chambers Goff, our long-time head class agent and former class president, Bob will be sorely missed as a loyal ’64 supporter and friend to so many of us. A tribute appeared in the Washington Post and the NY Times on February 3, 2018.

Class Dues

Class dues for the 5-year period 2014-2019 are $50. Checks should be made out to MHC Class of 1964 and mailed to treasurer Diane Fenton, PO Box 37, Malden Bridge, NY 12115. To check if you have already paid, see the list on


Our class website,, is becoming a wonderful way to connect with classmates. There have been 23 new entries to Recent News in the year since February 2017. Write to the scribes about your doings. Address is, or call Priscilla at 832-651-5684 or Jean at 781-862-3847.

Love to each of you,

Ellen Manfredonia Nutter



May, 2017


Dear Classmates,

In a recent NY Times column, David Brooks wrote about the mark that can be left on people's lives by what he calls a "thick" institution, one that becomes part of a person's identity. Such an institution brings out people's better selves, and takes advantage of their desire to do good.

For me, Mt. Holyoke is such a place, and is one of the reasons I am so proud to be a part of the MHC community. As David Brooks says, when people involved in such an institution meet each other, "even decades hence, they know they have something important in common."

Meeting and connecting with each other is one of the most important activities we do as a class. Here are some of our current doings.


Our biggest get-together this year will be July 6-18 in Finland, being organized by Laura Finne-Elonen to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence and, of course, MHC '64. The 'core week' will be July 11-18 in Helsinki, preceded by five days at the opera festival in a medieval castle in Savonlinna. There may still be space in the group. Contact Mary Lee Warren at or 202-333-1203.

Lily Klebanoff Blake organized two events in NYC: a two-day gathering in December 2016 around the MHC Vespers concert and an afternoon tea in May at her lovely apartment. Class officers gathered in Asheville NC in March (picture above). Priscilla Morse Huston tells us of an event in Houston with MHC grads from the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Gigi Higgins and a number of our Boston contingent have been enjoying periodic 'play dates,' visiting museums and having lunch. We hope that people in other places will follow their example. For a contact list of '64s in your geographic area, email the alumnae association at To post an invite on the class website, contact

55th Reunion - Save the Date!

Our 55th reunion will be in late May, 2019 (probably May 24-26). Reunion chair Heather Tyrie Wilcauskas is already beginning to plan, and would love volunteers. Contact her at of 843-422-5746. We will let you know the exact date as soon as we hear from the college.

Quarterly and Website

We love to hear what you are up to. Please send info (and pictures!) to Scribes Priscilla Morse Huston and Jean Vnenchak and webmistress Anita Corman Weinblatt will work their magic.

Check out Recent News at! For directions on how to find the website login and password, or for other problems with the website, please send an email to by clicking on the link. If you encounter a problem with the link, copy the email address and place it into your email program to send the email.

1964 Green Purse Legacy Circle Fund

We would like to build on the successful birth of the Green Purse Fund and are hoping you will keep it in mind as you plan for the future. Two great things about the Green Purse: 1) it creates a class of 1964 endowment to support student internships for years to come; and 2) large and small gifts are equally welcomed, so regardless of situation every '64-er can join the circle. See to learn more and watch the Green Purse fill up quarter by quarter. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had enough bequests pledged to endow an internship by our 55th reunion!

Love to each of you,

Ellen Manfredonia Nutter



Winter, 2016


Dear Classmates,

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the New Year. On this snowy afternoon in Asheville, I have just spent a delightful hour perusing our class website, Much has been added recently, and I think you will enjoy the news of our classmates. Here is a taste:

Recent News:

  • Alice Ullman Dustin - One-woman show.
  • Mary Lee Warren - Several doings, including attending the Summit on Women in Public Service with Lily Klebanoff Blake
  • Edie Prentice Mendez - Gathering at the Asian Art Museum
  • Mary Sinclair Rothenberg, Mingon Swihart Gregg and Catherine Higgs Milton - Visit in Menlo Park
  • Vandy Parr Bradow - Sends an update
  • Carol Nagy Theodore - Travels in Greece, Turkey, Ireland, England and India

Goods and Services:

  • Susan Bass Marcus - New book, Malevir: Dragons Return
  • Jane English - Photographic calendars, books

In Memoriam:

  • Mary Elizabeth (Libby) Pethick
  • Linda Goldstein Heineman
  • Barbara Dubarry Erdman
  • Harriet Hatcher Morrill

Mini-Reunions and Gatherings

There is nothing like getting together in person. Our mini-reunion in DC in June 2015 was enjoyed tremendously by those (55!) who attended, and our class agents had a fun and productive gathering on campus in September (details of both at We are working on several possibilities for future mini-reunions:

  • On-campus, May 13-15, 2016 to cheer our Bridges partners in the class of 2014 at their two-year reunion. Contact Mary Lee Warren, or 202-333-1203.
  • Finland, July 3-18 (approx.), 2017, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence. Laura Finne-Elonen would like to show us her native country, including a week or so in Helsinki, a short trip to Lapland to experience the midnight sun, and a few days at Savonlinna to experience the famous opera festival in a medieval castle. Contact mini-reunion chair Nancy Goff for more information: or 703-790-5820.

We will send blast e-mails with details of these and others in the works as they become available.


We pay tribute to deceased classmates in several ways. Our scribes place a notice in the 1964 section of the Alumnae Quarterly. Longer tributes, including pictures, are posted on as information becomes available from classmates. The class sends a donation to the MHC library in honor of the classmate, and the president writes a condolence letter to the next of kin. Finally, at our campus reunions, each person is recognized at a very moving memorial ceremony organized by Mary Vic Jones Giersch.

Lynn Pasquerella and Sonya Stephens

As you may have heard, Lynn Pasquerella is stepping down from the Mt. Holyoke presidency in July to assume the presidency of the American Association of Colleges and Universities. The Board of Trustees has unanimously offered a three-year term as acting president to Sonya Stephens, currently vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty. We have sent a letter to Lynn thanking her for her service and wishing her well (Click here to read.), and one to Sonya, welcoming her and offering any help we can provide (Click here to read.).

Send News! has become the valuable glue that helps us hold together. Thanks so much to all of you who have sent news and to our webmistress Anita Corman Weinblatt and scribes Priscilla Morse Huston and Jean Vnenchak, for making this possible. We love hearing about your life, volunteer work, travel, gatherings with classmates, and reminiscences of lost classmates. To access, kindly email Send news to You can help to make it happen!

Warmest regards to each of you,

Ellen Manfredonia Nutter



September New Officers Conference: 1964 and 2014
Back row, Ellen Nutter, Anita Weinblatt, Jenna Caputo, Mary Lyon,
Mary Lee Warren, Priscilla Huston, Victoria Helwig, Caroline Bernard.
Middle row, Mariyah Sabir, Heather Wilcauskas, Jean Vnenchak.
Front row, Christina Stathopoulos, Stephanie Slysz. Not Pictured, Nancy Goff, Carol Theodore

Winter 2015

Dear Classmates,

The warm glow of our 50th reunion is still with me. It was wonderful to see so many classmates and to catch up with all the interesting things you are doing.

For more on reunion, see our website, (For directions on how to find the website login and password, please send an email to You will find the Scribe's Report by Meg Cormeny O'Brien, with pictures by Joan Mead Eaton; information on the Back-to-Class sessions presented by our classmates, including videos; 1964/2014 class histories, as presented by our past president Lily Klebanoff Blake and 2014 president Jenna Caputo; and more photos by Joan Eaton, including a form to order a CD or a photo book. The website will be refreshed periodically with additional information about reunion and other topics.

FIVE-YEAR PLAN: Our new officers met on campus at the end of September to put together a plan for the coming five years. It was so much fun getting together at reunion and learning about the exciting things happening on campus that we decided our overall goal will be enhancing our MHC connections. This includes connections with each other, with our class, with the College, and with other alums, especially with our Bridges class of 2014.

MINI-REUNIONS: The best way of connecting is face-to-face, and we will be concentrating on having as many mini-reunions and gatherings as we can. We began in December with a wonderful mini-reunion in NYC organized by Lily Blake. A reunion in DC is being planned for the spring. We will send a blast e-mail when details are finalized.

At our 50th, 13 people volunteered to consider organizing mini-reunions in places both near and as far away as Finland. Our mini-reunion committee, headed by Nancy Chambers Goff and Heather Tyrie Wilcauskas, is working on a schedule to present to you in a blast e-mail.

While mini-reunions are open to the entire class, we also want to encourage gatherings of all sorts. Organize a potluck for classmates in your area, or just catch up with friends. If you are like me, you will be so pleased you did.

BRIDGES: We are hoping to encourage more one-on-one connections with our Bridges class of 2014. To better facilitate pairing, Bridges chair Mary Lee Warren is working with '14 President Jenna Caputo on a survey to identify 2014 interests and current locales. If you would like to get to know one of these dynamic young women, contact Mary Lee at or 202-333-1203.

OTHER INITIATIVES: We are exploring the following: adding a section on our website for class members to display creative work; a Caring Committee that would help keep in touch with classmates who might need assistance; a forum for book and travel discussions; and e-birthday cards for class members. Volunteers help make things happen. If any of these projects appeals to you, or if you have other ideas, please contact me at, or 828-505-8242.

COMMUNICATION: Our primary method of communication with the class is through blast e-mails sent through the Alumnae Association. Please make sure that they have your (current) e-mail address. Visit, or call 413-538-2303 for help.

To keep in touch with the College, you may subscribe to MHC Today, a newsletter which provides interesting news about the College and alumnae. Go to

For updates from classmates, including pictures, check Recent News on our website

Whenever I talk with one of our classmates, I am amazed at how much we have in common, how interesting that person is, and how much I want to know her better. I hope you contact a classmate today.

Best to you all,

Ellen Nutter
Class President


Dear Classmates,

How wonderful to see so many of you at our terrific 50th Reunion this past May. People came from all over the world for this truly once-in-a-lifetime event and opportunity to connect with old friends and to make new ones. In fact, we had the largest number and highest percentage of attendees of any MHC 50th Reunion.

What a special time to be together and share the roads and journeys we've all traveled. The sun shone for the Laurel Parade as we marched to loud cheers, wearing our French blue pashminas and making large bubbles with our wands. We met and heard from Lynn Pasquerella, College President, listened to Vinnie Ferraro and Chris Benfey speak about the state of the world and the liberal arts, welcomed our Bridges class, 2014, into the Alumnae Association, discussed a common read and where we've been and the many things we still want to do, explored the beautiful campus, and just truly enjoyed and relished each other's company.

For more information on reunion, see the attached Scribe's Report by Meg Cormeny O'Brien, including pictures by Joan Mead Eaton.

Thank you for giving me the privilege of serving as your Class President for the past five years, allowing me to meet and reconnected with so many of you. I know that our class will be ably led for the next five years by our new Class President Ellen Manfredonia Nutter, who did such an outstanding job of chairing our 50th Reunion. The full officer list for 2014- 2019 includes:

  • Ellen Manfredonia Nutter, President
  • Anita Corman Weinblatt, Vice President
  • Heather Tyrie Wilcauskas, Reunion Chair
  • Caroline Webster Bernard, Secretary
  • Diane Kelley Fenton, Treasurer
  • Priscilla Morse Huston and Jean Vnenchak, Scribes
  • Mary Lee Warren, Bridges Chair
  • Barbara Flesch Resnek, Mary Vic Jones Giersch, Wendy Lycan Jackson, Carol Nagy Theodore, Gail Simons Humphreys, and Gretchen Wuth Hays, Head Class Agents
  • Lily Klebanoff Blake, Nominating Committee Chair; and Gail Welch Hanson and Marilyn Brainard Hofmann, Nominating Committee.

My best wishes to all of you. I hope to see you at some of our upcoming mini-reunions and at our 55th in 2019.

Lily Klebanoff Blake,
Class President, 2009-2014

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