Class Letters 2009 to 2014 (May)

March 1, 2014


"If I go to Reunion? Of course I'd go to the reunion. You only get an invitation like this every fifty years or so."
Ileme Beckerman, Makeovers at the Beauty Counter of Happiness

Dear Classmates,

This is your invitation to our fiftieth reunion, Thursday, May 15 to Sunday, May 18. Registration materials are attached. Please come! We were all together at MHC fifty years ago, and it will not be the same now without you.

Please plan to arrive on Thursday, in time to participate in the welcome ceremony for new alumnae. We will each bestow class scarves on the 2014 graduates, welcoming them into the worldwide community of MHC alums. We will assemble at our class headquarters, Buckland living room, at 2:30 p.m. Thursday for instructions. We will walk to the amphitheater for the ceremony, which begins at 3:30 p.m. You will receive a paper invitation from the Alumnae Association in early April with additional details.


Our reunion program adopts the College's new theme, never fear/change. We plan to explore this in several ways:

  • Common Read: "Flux," by Peggy Orenstein, examines the "half-changed" aspect of today's world, when the promise of women's liberation—so bright when we graduated in 1964—has yet to be fully realized. The discussion will explore our experience and contrast it with that of women today. This will be held Thursday evening after dinner.
  • Facilitated Discussions—Enriching our Lives by Embracing Change: Topics will be those most frequently mentioned in our class survey (health and well-being, spiritual journeys, financial stability, and leisure and learning). We will have small group discussions on Saturday afternoon, followed by a plenary session on Sunday morning.
  • Saturday Dinner Speaker: Professor Christopher Benfey, Andrew W. Mellon professor of English and former acting dean of faculty, will speak on the topic of transforming the MHC liberal arts curriculum to meet the career challenges of today.
  • Back to Class Sessions: These will be held on Friday and have a theme of transformation. We expect that several of our classmates will be giving presentations—details will be announced.


Thanks to editor Caroline Webster Bernard and her team, our yearbook will be available for delivery in mid-April, well before Reunion. The yearbook includes over 160 personal pages, results from over 200 surveys, lots of photos, and other interesting information. Send the attached order form with your check to Caroline by March 24. We expect that additional books will be available after that date, but late orders will not be guaranteed delivery before Reunion.


  • Reservation deadline is April 15. Mail the attached reservation form to the Alumnae Association to the address on the form, or register online at
  • Bring your whites for the Saturday morning parade!
  • Arts and Letters Exhibit: To display your artwork, crafts, books, etc., please contact Alice Ullman Dustin as soon as possible at or 610-649-6117.
  • Memorabilia: Look for those special things that symbolize your special connection to friends and MHC and bring them for display at reunion. Contact Sue Davis at with questions.
  • Communication: Our full program and many reunion details will be on our class website, Password is classmate; username is MaryLyon (both case sensitive). General reunion information will be online at At that same site, please update your information in the alumnae directory, including your email address. If you have difficulty, email Alumnae Information Services at or call 413-538-2303.
  • Scholarships: Up to $300 is available to any classmate who needs it to attend Reunion. Requests will be processed through the Alumnae Association to maintain anonymity. Please contact Luisa Tavares at the AA, or 413-538-2201.
  • Ride Share: If you would like to share a ride to Reunion, either from home or from the airport, contact Beth Schnoll Krugman at or 646-449-9368. Beth has volunteered to facilitate contacts between those seeking and those offering rides.
  • Dues: If you have not yet paid, your $50 check made out to MHC class of 1964 will be happily accepted by Diane Fenton, PO Box 37, Malden Bridge, NY 12115.
  • Nominating Committee Report: The slate of candidates for 2014-2019 is: President: Ellen Manfredonia Nutter; Vice President: Anita Corman Weinblatt; Secretary: Caroline Webster Bernard; Coscribes: Priscilla Morse Huston and Jean Vnenchak; Treasurer: Diane Kelly Fenton; Bridges: Mary Lee Warren; Head Class Agents: Barbara Flesch Resnek, Mary Vic Jones Giersch, Wendy Lycan Jackson, Carol Nagy Theodore, Gail Simons Humphreys, Gretchen Wuth Hays; Nominating Committee: Lily Klebanoff Blake (Chair), Gail Welch Hanson, Marilyn Brainard Hofmann.
  • Mount Holyoke Fund: As of February 1, our class had raised $1,016,000 for the Mount Holyoke Fund from 54% of our class, toward our goal of $1.4 million and 100% participation. Please make a gift and make a difference.

We want to say a special thank you to the twenty-nine reunion committee chairs and officers who are working hard to make sure our reunion is a success. They are the best!

Looking forward to seeing you in May,

Ellen Manfredonia Nutter
Reunion Chair

Anita Corman Weinblatt
Vice President

Lily Klebanofff Blake



January 2014,

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at our Fiftieth Reunion, Thursday, May 15 to Sunday, May 18. It's hard to believe that it has been nearly fifty years since we graduated, since some of the memories of our time as students at Mount Holyoke remain so vivid.

We've planned many special activities for Reunion: a common read and discussion (and you won't even have a blue book exam about it); a breakfast and social hour with College President Lynn Pasquerella; back-to-class presentations; events with our Bridges 2014 class; a hospitality tent outside Abbey, which will provide coffee and special treats continuously and a place to hang out; a Sunday morning discussion; and, most importantly, time to reconnect with old friends and meet and connect with classmates you may have not known on campus. All of this planning has been overseen by Ellen Manfredonia Nutter, our reunion chair, and many volunteers.

Some of us 'shadowed' the class of 1963 during their fiftieth reunion last year and were struck with how meaningful it was for all of them to be at Mount Holyoke again to spend time with their classmates. The fiftieth reunion only happens once and we want to share this special experience with all of you.

Please note that Reunion will be starting a day earlier than usual on Thursday afternoon with a new ceremony where we will welcome the members of the class of 2014 to the ranks of alumnae by presenting them with a silk scarf in their red class color, decorated with the pegasus, their class animal. Our Bridges class of 2014 is eager to meet and connect with you, and this will be a great opportunity to do so. Mary Lee Warren, our Bridges coordinator, is planning several Bridges activities for Reunion.

Class Website

Much information about Reunion will be posted on our class website, The username is classmate, and the password is MaryLyon. Please remember both of these are case sensitive.

Email and Contact Information

Email will be our primary method of communication about Reunion. Please help us save class funds by making sure that your email address is on file with the Alumnae Association at You may also update your address and phone number at the same site.


To broaden our outreach, Betsey Trotter Chalmers and Gretchen Beck Green, our outreach cochairs, have organized 'dorm captains,' based on our senior-year dorms. We are hoping that friends contacting friends will encourage all to reconnect and come to Reunion.

Reunion Yearbook

Editor Caroline Webster Bernard and her committee are preparing an exciting Reunion Yearbook. It will be available in April for purchase and we hope to have it on our class website,, allowing you to read the individual pages submitted by classmates and survey results before we return to South Hadley. If you have not already made your submissions, the deadline has been extended to January 15. Please return your personal pages to Caroline Webster Bernard, 191 E, Heritage Village, Southbury, CT 06488 or; survey results should be sent to Jane Shilling Emerson, 3149 SW 170 Street, Seattle, WA 98166; and photos of MHC memories may be sent to Jane English, PO Box 90, East Calais, VT 05650 or Details on how to order the yearbook will be sent to you later.

Call to Artists

Alice Ullman Dustin is organizing an exhibit of art work and crafts for our reunion. If you would like to display some of your work, please contact Alice directly at or 108 School House Lane, Ardmore, PA 19003.


The Back-to-Class sessions on reunion Friday offer an exciting opportunity for those whose post-MHC lives have produced notable accomplishments-in a career, an organization, or individual achievement. If you are interested in sharing your expertise with classmates and other reunion attendees, please consider submitting a proposal for a forty-five-minute presentation, lecture, or seminar on this year's theme, 'Transformation.' And let our program committee know if you do so we can be sure to publicize the event (Mary Dee Beall, Special consideration will be given to creative, well-conceived proposals that offer unique presentation formats and/or involve collaboration between alums, faculty, and students. See application details at:


To ensure that everyone is able to attend Reunion, the class is offering scholarships up to a maximum of $300 for those who may need assistance in handling the expenses associated with the reunion. To preserve confidentiality, all requests for scholarships will be handled by Luisa Tavares, associate director of programs at the Alumnae Association,, 413-538-2201.

Memorial Service

Mary Vic Jones Giersch is a planning a memorial service for Reunion. Please send your remembrances of any of our recently deceased classmates directly to Mary Vic for inclusion in our Memorial Service enclosure, or 266 Cross Road, Stratford, VT 05072. We are looking for remembrances about the following classmates: Marjorie Pedersen Garren (7/11/13), Susan Prugh Seward (5/18/11), Phyllis Michele Nielsen (2/23/11), Martha Kate McCrumm Thomas (5/25/12), Anne J. Carlisle (8/1/12), Edith-Lewis Canning (8/10/10), Barbara Rasmussen Thomas (6/14/10), Lindsay Hopson Torreblanca (1/3/10), and Rosalind Sprague Hickenbottom (9/6/07).

Class Dues

Our class dues are $50. They support the work of the class and are tax deductible.* If you have not yet paid your dues, please complete the form below and submit it with your dues payment directly to Diane Kelley Fenton, our class treasurer. Checks should be made out to MHC Class of 1964 and mailed to Diane Kelley Fenton, P.O. Box 37, Malden Bridge, New York 12115, using the form at the bottom of this letter. For questions about dues payment, please contact Diane, A list of the people who have already paid their dues is posted on the class website, in case you don't recall if you have already paid your class dues.

Join us for the fiftieth reunion, see the beautiful campus and some of the changes and additions since we were students, including the new Chihuly sculpture in the atrium of the library, meet students and feel the vitality of the campus life, and, most importantly, connect and reconnect with your classmates. We look forward to seeing you in South Hadley in May.

Download the Dues Form

Lily Klebanoff Blake, President

Priscilla Morse Huston, Scribe

Anita Corman Weinblatt, Vice President

Jean Vnenchak, Scribe

Meg Cormeny O'Brien, Secretary

Ellen Manfredonia Nutter, Reunion Chair

Diane Kelley Fenton, Treasurer


April 2013

September 2012 on-campus mini-reunion attendees with Lynn Pasquerella

Dear Classmates,


We hope all of you are making reservations and plans to join us on campus for our 50th Reunion from Thursday, May 15 - Sunday, May 18, 2014. This will be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with old friends, make friends with classmates whom you may have never known while at school, visit the beautiful Mount Holyoke campus which should be in full bloom then, and learn about the many exciting things happening at Mount Holyoke today. Remember, the 50th Reunion happens only once and you do not want to miss it!

Note that the reunion will begin on Thursday, so that we can participate in the new Welcome New Alumnae Ceremony (scarf ceremony). We as the 50th class will welcome the class of 2014 to the Alumnae Association, bestowing on each of them a lovely silk scarf. See "Bridges" below for more on connecting with 2014.

Ellen Manfredonia Nutter, our reunion chair, and her reunion committee have planned an exciting program for our stay on campus and a special reunion book to commemorate the event. Committee chairs are as follows:

  • Program: Mary Dee Beall and Marilyn Ursu Beauriedel
  • Hospitality: Gail Welch Hanson and Barbara Flesch Resnek
  • Bridges: Mary Lee Warren
  • Reunion Book: Anita Corman Weinblatt; Survey: Jane Shilling Emerson; Reunion; Bios: Caroline Webster Bernard; Graphics and Printing: Jane English
  • Outreach: Gretchen Beck Green and Betsey Trotter Chalmers
  • Memorabilia: Sue Davis
  • Memorial Service: Mary Vic Jones Giersch
  • Photography: Joan Mead Eaton
  • Costume: Carol Nagy Theodore
  • Nametags: Heather Tyrie Wilcauskas
  • Signs: Hope Whitaker Justman
  • Scribe: Meg Cormeny O'Brien

We are considering a common read and a display of classmates' creative work. In the next few months, you will all receive a copy of the survey to complete and a request for a bio, which will be included in the reunion book. Contact Ellen at if you are interested in these or helping with any of the committees. It is so much more fun when you participate.


Ellan Odiorne Derow, who has lived in Oxford for many years, has planned a full and exciting agenda for a mini-conference in Oxford. We will stay in St. Anne's, one of the former women's colleges, tour Oxford and its many gardens, eat in their dining rooms (just like Harry Potter), visit local pubs and the Bodleian Library, tour Blenheim Palace, the former home of Winston Churchill, attend a performance of a Shakespeare play, and learn about the history of women's education at Oxford. It's bound to be a wonderful adventure and great fun to experience all this with classmates. There is still time to sign-up. For more information, please contact Ellan Odiorne Derow at and look for additional details on our website.


The photo above was taken at our fall 2012 mini-reunion at Mount Holyoke, which was organized by Anita Corman Weinblatt. We were honored to have Lynn Pasquerella, the College's president, join us for dinner one evening and speak about the state of the College. Sixteen of us spent three days on campus attending classes, learning how the library is being digitized, visiting the new gym facilities and hearing how we can remain fit and active, exploring the archives, and meeting members of our Bridges class of 2014. Most serendipitously, the archives displayed pages from the only student scrapbook they've digitized, which turned out to be the scrapbook of Sally Allen Mowitt's grandmother, class of 1914. Sally, sitting right there, never knew that her grandmother had kept a scrapbook while at Mount Holyoke! Just imagine the surprise!

One of the highlights of our visit was attending classes. They are much more interactive than in our days and a real dialogue takes place between students and faculty, further enriched by the diversity of the student body. Many of us wanted to re-enroll to experience this very different and exciting Mount Holyoke, however, only if we didn't have to take exams.

Mini reunions and get-togethers also took place in the Boston area, Napa Valley, Washington, DC, and in New York for the Vespers concert. Please go to our website at, for more information and photos of each of those get-togethers and mini-reunions. More get-togethers are planned and please contact us if you would like to help organize a get-together in your area. Please stay tuned for more information and updates.


The Bridges Project, our link with the class of 2014, has provided a unique opportunity to connect with students on campus and learn about life at MHC today. Mary Lee Warren, who is coordinating this project, has organized a number of joint activities with 2014, including a panel discussion during our on-campus mini-reunion where several of us spoke about what we had done after college followed by an ice cream social; an M&C's evening (and M&C's have gotten much fancier than the graham crackers and saltines we had during our milk and crackers) where we were joined by Lynn Pasquerella; a reception after their J-Show (Junior Show); and opportunities for members of our class to meet with and provide advice to members of the class of 2014. Several of you were able to join us for these activities, and photos and information about these events are on our website. We want more of you to experience the fun of connecting with the remarkable young women who will be graduating in 2014 and are working with the Alumnae Association to develop tools to facilitate those links. Please contact Mary Lee, if you have any questions about Bridges or would like to participate in some of the upcoming events and connect with members of the class of 2014,


Our class dues are $50. They go to support the work of the class and are deductible. If you have not yet paid your dues, please complete the form below and submit it with your dues payment directly to Diane Kelly Fenton, who has been our loyal and formidable class treasurer for many years. For questions about dues payment, please contact Diane, A list of people who have already paid their dues is posted on the class website, in case you don't recall if you have already paid your class dues.

Best to all,

Your class officers

Lily Klebanoff Blake, President

Anita Corman Weinblatt, Vice President

Meg Cormeny O'Brien, Secretary

Diane Kelley Fenton, Treasurer

Priscilla Morse Huston, Scribe

Jean Vnenchak, Scribe

Ellen Manfredonia Nutter, Reunion Chair


March 26, 2012

Dear Classmates,

We hope that you are all well and had a wonderful holiday season. We have been busy since you last heard from us, planning a number of exciting activities: a new class website; several mini-reunions; and a granddaughter project with the class of 2014.

New Class Website

We launched our new class website this fall and hope that many of you have had a chance to explore it. The new website permits us to have more of your stories and photos in an expanded section on class notes, a travel section, and information on mini-reunions. Since the Alumnae Quarterly limits the size of our class notes inversely with the number of years we have been out of Mount Holyoke and there is a long time lapse before publication, we want you to be able to read the wonderful stories and see photos of all you have to share about your hobbies, interests, travels and life changes in a more complete and timely manner. Please send information to our class scribes, Priscilla Morse Huston and Jean Vnenchak,, for inclusion in the Alumnae Quarterly and the Recent News section of the website. To ensure that the information on the website is shared only with our classmates, we have continued the practice of having access to the website password protected. The username for the new class website is classmate and the password for the website is MaryLyon. Please program these into your computer so that you can be easily updated on planned activities for our class.

The website is one of the key ways we want to connect with you. Please get back to us with any comments you have about the website, what else you may want to see on it or your thoughts in general. We plan to update the website regularly, so please check it regularly for new information. If you have any questions about the website, including how to connect to the website, or comments about it, please contact Anita Corman Weinblatt, who oversees our website project, at

Mini-reunions and other gatherings

We are planning to have some mini-reunions in the build-up to our 2014 50th reunion. Several will be destination reunions, lasting several days with planned activities; others will be local gatherings for lunch or tea in areas where we have a concentration of classmates, for example in the Boston, New York and Northern California areas. The purpose is to connect, see old friends, make new ones and to have fun. The destination mini-reunions planned so far are:

  • Asheville, North Carolina, June 19 - 22, 2012
  • Mount Holyoke, September 30 - October 4, 2012
  • Oxford England, June 2013

Ellen Manfredonia Nutter, our 50th reunion chair, recently moved to Asheville and wants to share the glories of that city with you. She has graciously planned a mini-reunion with hikes, cultural activities, and time to connect. You should have received a save-the-date email from Ellen with more information. Please respond directly to Ellen, noting your interest in attending this visit to Asheville,, and stay tuned for details and updates about the mini-reunion on our class website.

If you want to know what Mount Holyoke is like today, there is nothing like attending classes and speaking with students to get a sense of the vibrancy of the campus. We will attend classes, stay at Willits, and have an opportunity to meet students, all during the height of spectacular New England fall colors during an on-campus mini-reunion. Details are in the planning stage. Please save the dates of September 30 to October 4. The exact dates and more information on the program will be provided soon.

Ellan Odiorne Derow, who has lived in Oxford, England for a number of years, has graciously agreed to organize a mini-reunion in Oxford. She is a fount of knowledge about Oxford, its history and architecture; there are amazing places to visit nearby and spectacular gardens, which should be at their height in June 2013 when we are there. Moreover, we may stay in one of the former women's colleges at Oxford, and how appropriate would that be. Please feel free to contact Ellan, with your thoughts about this mini-reunion.

We welcome your thoughts about these destination mini-reunions. Moreover, if you would like to help organize a mini-reunion or a creative smaller gathering, we would be delighted to hear from you and to consider ways we can be supportive.

We are also planning gatherings in the Boston, New York and Northern California areas. These will be casual get-togethers, permitting classmates in those areas or those traveling there to connect. If you would like to help with any of these, please contact us. The intent is to keep things simple and focus on connecting.

Granddaughter Project

Starting with the class of 1960, 50th reunion classes have 'adopted' the class which graduates the year of their 50th reunion. We have decided to continue this new tradition by 'adopting' the class of 2014, which will be graduating when we have our 50th reunion in 2014. Grandmother classes have found this to be a very worthwhile activity and chance to connect with students, and granddaughter classes have found this to be a valuable link to make with alumnae. Two graduates from the class of 2010 who participated as granddaughters for the class of 1960 have offered help as consultants for our project. Holding receptions when we're visiting campus for our mini-reunion and our 50th reunion; or matching grandmothers and granddaughters based on majors, interests, or home town are among some of the possibilities. Mary Lee Warren has graciously agreed to lead this effort and we will be assembling a team to work with her. Please stay tuned for more updates about the granddaughter project and please contact us with your thoughts about the project and if you're interested in helping out.

Class Dues

Our class dues are $50. They go to support the work of the class and are deductible. If you have not yet paid your dues, please complete the form below and submit it with your dues payment directly to Diane Kelley Fenton, who has been our loyal and formidable class treasurer for many years. Checks should be made out to MHC Class of 1964 and mailed to Diane Kelley Fenton, P.O. Box 37, Malden Bridge, New York 12115, using the form at the bottom of this letter. For questions about dues payment, please contact Diane, A list of people who have already paid their dues is posted on the class website, in case you don't recall if you have already paid your class dues.

Please download and return the attached with your dues payment.

We wish all of you a happy and healthy 2012.


Your class officers

Lily Klebanoff Blake, President

Priscilla Morse Huston, Scribe

Anita Corman Weinblatt, Vice President

Jean Vnenchak, Scribe

Meg Cormeny O'Brien, Secretary

Ellen Manfredonia Nutter, Reunion Chair

Diane Kelley Fenton, Treasurer


October 6, 2009

Dear Classmates,

It's hard to believe that it's been 45 years since we graduated from Mount Holyoke. We are honored to serve as your class officers for the next five years and look forward to the opportunity to connect with each of you.

Our thanks to Joan Mead Eaton, our previous Class President, and the other class officers, Lisa Lansing, Diane Kelley Fenton, and Gretchen Beck Green for doing such a wonderful job leading our class during the past five years. Mary Ann Lytle Anthony, Reunion Chair, and her team deserve special thanks for organizing such a warm, welcoming, and fun reunion weekend.

There was a fantastic spirit at the 45th Reunion. Take a look at the photos which have been posted on our class website, Additional photos will be posted soon.

During reunion, you spoke about some of the overarching themes and ways for us to connect: books you're reading and other intellectual pursuits; life discoveries, aging gracefully and nurturing yourself; travel; keeping in touch, who we are and what we've done; and making a difference through community and other volunteer work. It is amazing how many bonds and potential connections exist among us. All of you have so many interests, stories and life experiences to share.

As class officers, our goal is to facilitate communication and links among us. Since reunion, we've had many discussions on how to do that. We will attend the New Class Officer Training on campus in mid-October to develop our five year plan and will be in touch with you as we move forward with more concrete plans for mini-reunions and improved communications.

Moreover, we are exploring options to better connect us using current technologies and are now in the 'discovery' phase. If anyone is interested in helping in the discovery phase and beyond or in serving as a Web Site Coordinator, please contact Lily Klebanoff Blake, class president ( We welcome your input and help, and will keep everyone posted as things progress.

Another avenue of communication with us is through Class Agents. Class Agents will be contacting everyone soon and will serve as an initial bridge to your Class Officers, relaying to us what ways you would like to be linked up with one another, what your current interests are and suggestions you may have.

In the meantime, please remember to update your contact information on the Alumnae Association website,, by clicking on "MHConnect" and then "Update Your Info." (Since portions of the site are password protected, you will need to register once to get a username/password. If you have not done this, you will be able to do so by following the directions below the request or going to "Click Here to Register" by scrolling down the MHConnect front page.) For additional help or questions about registering for MHConnect, updating your profile or websites, please contact our class scribes, Priscilla Morse Huston ( or Jean Vnenchak ( Remember to also keep Priscilla and Jean, updated on your activities: travels, grandchildren, and new adventures for the Quarterly by sending email to

Most importantly, we want your inputs. Please contact us by email with any issues that you would like us to address in planning for the next five years, ways to stay connected and exchange information. We are also interested in knowing about events you might like to participate in leading up to our 50th reunion, as well as any ideas you may have for our 50th reunion. In addition, we would also like your thoughts about the last reunion, if you attended and did not fill out the survey or if you have had some new thoughts since reunion.

We are very excited about the opportunity to connect with you over the next five years and are eager to hear from you.


Your class officers

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