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All alumnae are invited to attend the 148th Annual Meeting on Saturday, June 6. An opportunity to connect with the Mount Holyoke community, attendees will hear from President Sonya Stephens and Alumnae Association President Maria Mossaides '73, as well as the reading of class histories and a presentation of Alumnae Association and Advancement awards, to register click here:

We have received three "Musings" for our COVID-19 web site page. Thank you to Kitty Epston Rabinow, Suzanne Selby Greanger and Susan Bass Marcus. If you would like to do so, please send your thoughts in this regard to Nancy Goff Our site is in the process of being updated.

Best to you all...Betsy

For a smile:


May 2020

Dear Classmates-Timely Class News!

Since the Class Notes in the Alumnae Quarterly are the first thing people read, but by the time the Quarterly arrives in the mail, the news is a bit “old”, our Scribes suggested that we send out an interim Blast Email to keep classmates apprised of what is going on. This will also act as a way to provide links to further information whether in the Quarterly, on the class web site or from another classmate. Our Class Officers endorsed this idea in a Zoom meeting last week.

Each item will be brief. If you want further information, our web site has just been updated (User name-- classmate; Password—MaryLyon, case sensitive). The next Quarterly should arrive in August. Please continue to use to send news.


Sadly we report on the deaths of five classmates. Four of these tributes will appear in the Spring or Summer Quarterlies. The tribute for Susie Parks will be in the Fall Quarterly. Please send memories of any of these classmates to for inclusion in the In Memoriam section of our website and for the Memorial Service at reunion planned by Mary Victor Jones Giersch:

Elizabeth [Betty] Blank Grayson Hartley studied archeology in the UK and became the first Keeper of Archeology at the Yorkshire Museum where she curated a number of very well received exhibitions. (January, 2018)

Jane [Jani] Morrill was on the cutting edge of computer technology working for BYTE magazine where she put together BYTE’s 15th Anniversary issue which received a McGraw-Hill President’s Award, and later she was the founding editor of Windows NT Magazine. (December, 2019)

Jan Rabenstein Brown was always lively and fun-loving, a wonderful wife and mother, who majored in zoology at MHC and taught college biology before pursuing a law degree and supporting others as a mediator. (December, 2019)

Barbara Henryson was a religion major who with her training and caring disposition helped many in her work as a physical-, occupational-, and psycho-therapist. (January, 2020)

Susan [Sue or Susie] Elisabeth Parks, a Zoology major, had successive and successful careers as a medical researcher, ceramicist, and raiser of goats and soapmaker; she enriched her later years by becoming a confirmed Italophile. (March, 2020)


Having spent $500 in memorials to the college library, and $507 for our Website, our balance is $17,295, which is sufficient until our 65th reunion at which point the Alumnae Association assumes our expenses.


If someone might know of a job or internship, please pass the information along to the campus. I will help relay any information if you email me at

Also, take a tour of the exciting FIMBL Lab—the “maker space” in the former Prospect living room!


Since we all are coping with this virus, it seems appropriate to offer the opportunity for classmates to share how they are faring. Nancy Goff has offered to collect any "Musings on the Pandemic", and post them in a special section of the web site. Please send your prose, poetry or art to Nancy at

This is a good time to reach out to friends. You know chances are good they will be home! And, Mary Lee Warren, our bridge to the class of 2014, asks that you contact any in that class whom you know as they are going through stressful times as well.

Please stay healthy. Send any questions/suggestions to me at

Betsy (Wadt Mulcare)



March 2020

Dear Self-Isolated Classmates!

At our Fiftieth, we had a saying "Older and Smarter Than We Look". Jane Shilling Emerson had that memorialized on a slate which I still have sitting on our kitchen counter, and it gets many smiles from visitors (when we had them before a couple of weeks ago!).

Just a mere six years later, we now seem to find ourselves thought of as fragile and at risk in the face of this Covid-19 pandemic-and certainly we should enjoy the care this engenders from both our younger family members and close friends.

These days at home have been wonderful opportunities to connect with friends and find out how everyone is coping. It has also been a time for the witty to thrive, and I am always happy to be the recipient of their humor.


I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying the satisfaction of getting to projects that you have wanted to for years...whether cleaning out, a creative pursuit, reading or listening to music. Do connect with your MHC buddies. You will be so happy you did.

Wishing you the best, Betsy Wadt Mulcare - 203-661-3295,

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